Candace Sheppard is a NYC based Imaging Artist.  Her love for Art, Beauty, Makeup & Fashion lead her to study at Berkeley College as a Fashion Design Major and soon after relocating to Miami, she became an independent business owner. After 13 years in the orange state, she recently made the transition back to take a bit of of the Big Apple and has
been incredibly successful since doing so.

Candace' s initial work in fashion built her expertise with regard to Image, which gave her a platform to connect with people.  Her communication skills fostered many connections and as a result, she was inspired to build a business that would change the face of Beauty. Her business savvy has been so effective it has allowed her to transition formats over the course of 12 years and to help others with their businesses along the way.

Her passion is to use the Art of Style & Beauty to bring people to life. Her purpose is to teach others How to live Set Apart. The goal? To give you an opportunity to get out of your own way and on to your greatness.

Welcome to the Runway.