The Uninhibited Truth about being yourself...

People will never be comfortable with it and will EXPECT you to make them comfortable.

Thing is, what does that mean for you? Especially when the world is telling you CONSTANTLY to be yourself, don't be afraid, be true to who you are... how do you choose? You or them, them or you? (Cue that clock.. tick tock, tick tock)

The truth is, YOU have to make up your mind - long before anyone else has a chance to "influence" you. If you;re clear on that, you can go forward in confidence regardless of what anyone - no matter how close they are to you - has to say.

No one, will ever tell you that they're working quietly to make you into what they really want. Hell, some of the people doing it, don't even realize that they are... 

You however, know what that horrible weight feels like and because you know, you have an obligation to yourself. Not anyone one else...

Honor what you want, who you are and what you feel.

If you do not set up healthy boundaries for yourself,  no one will do it for you. You have to be responsible and take the initiative. 

You must teach people, relatives, clients how you want to be treated and then and only then will you discover who is truly for you. 

I am not for everyone and neither are you. That's something to celebrate.


Can't nobody do you like you can. 

X Candace

Don't Fit in? That's Good. Here's why...

You were not meant to.

I've spent a lifetime (like you have, I'm sure) trying to squeeze into cracks and crevices I don't fit in.

Too tight pants

Cute shoes that don't fit but I "couldn't Walk" away from

Pants I couldn't sit in that cut off my ability to breathe - (which by the way I realized I needed to live and talk to people)

Worst of all, I consistently tried to fit in with women and other circles that left me feeling even more inadequate and alone. I would do anything to feel accepted - everything EXCEPT be myself.

Believe it or not, there was a time in my life where lipstick, foundation and having every hair in place was THE farthest thing from my mind. I was determined to NOT look good just so I could keep from drawing added attention to myself. 

I had grown accustomed to "shrinking" so I wouldn't make others feel uncomfortable. Thing is it often left no room for me to feel comfortable with myself. 

It became a cycle until I got so sick. I could no longer care for myself by myself... and that's when the truth hit me.

It wasn't what others said or what I was told as a child - what was happening was happening because I was continually telling myself that I don't belong. I had to own the responsibility for my actions and words while being accountable.  Only then was I at the beginning of feeling free.

Once I got a taste of that freedom, I set out on showing everyone I knew, loved and worked with that they didn't have to fit in either. The space you are in my friend was carved out for you and if no one else has told you, I'm here to say it - It's enough. 


If you don't [FIT IN] keep it up.

X Candace

Beauty & The Beholder

When I was about 17 years old I stumbled on a gem of a book...

It was called The Beauty of Color and was written by the iconic supermodel Iman. I love books - like seriously man it's an obsession - I wasn't interested in makeup at the time but was so taken by the gorgeous work on the cover photo. I immediately bought it and began pouring through the pages...

Little did I know that I would keep the book with me all these years and now I understand why I kept it. I realized there was a message of substance hidden amongst all of the the incredible style.

Iman brought a plethora of beauties all different shapes, colors and sizes and declared that beauty was not something that can be boxed in or a described a single way. I believe the message spread throughout the book was the spark that helps me to declare the very same thing to all the women I come into contact with. 

Below is a video of me applying a lil highlight to a dear friend - who has become more of a little sister. She is in a great time of transition in life & business (just as you may be).

It was a joy to paint and work with her that day and the recording took me back to how much fun we had. I was reading through that book yet again this morning and once I came across the quote I immediately thought this would be perfect to post. The moment - like the beholder and the one being "beheld" lol... was beautiful.

So glad I could share it with you. 

Basics Behind Beauty Series | Skin Care Breakdown

Soooo... you know how it is with Skin care "gurus" that go out of their way to use any products that their home girl recommends without being sure of why... Ain't nobody got time for that. Round these parts we don't lay claim to results or random products that have no rhyme or reason. We get straight. to. the. point. We're how and why people. 

Here'S A recap from a Live feed on Periscope! covering a few of the the Basics behind Skincare:

Here's the details you need laid out in 3 simple steps:

Know your Skin Type:

- Dry
- Combination
- Oily
*Bonus type is DEHYDRATED SKIN. 

Have a DAILY Routine
- Does not matter how simple or complicated, you need a routine
- Maintaining your skin is daily and yes that includes your diet  

Always, always, always prep BEFORE you start your makeup.

As a professional makeup artist  I can attest to the need for prep. Nuff said.  It must be done. 

Hashtag #BBBSeries as you follow along and post your progress or our videos on social media!

This was my a recap of a LIVE broadcast on Skin Care 101! You definitely don't want to miss the next one so follow me on Periscope @candacesheppard!

Don't have the app? be sure to watch on your desktop here:

A sneak peek behind the scenes...

My Create & Capture Sessions are a great joy to plan and arrange for clients.

This one was no different because it was with a client, Kevonya, who has built a relationship with me over a pretty long amount of time. I've grown to love her inside and out. She's always so supportive, patient and is always serving others, especially the children at her local church.

It's hard to not love someone like that! She has even allowed me to practice beauty techniques without hesitation to help me become a better artist (for the record she is not a model, even though she looks like one) I'm so grateful for her. 

So of course I was very excited to shoot with her that day. It was right around the time Prince had passed last month and I was stumped for exactly what to create. I was in Walmart picking up random supplies with my family and stumbled on the most GORGEOUS Purple Flowers (Prince's fave color) and immediately knew I would use them in the shoot. The day she arrived was absolutely gorgeous and the it was perfect timing because for these shoots, I only use natural lighting in my studio. 

Here's some of the transformation and the photo results... 

The flowers were silk and yet look true to life... I made sure I hand picked what only looked real. Got them at Walmart and Michael's for less than 2 bucks each!


Believe it or not, she started out unsure of herself however as I coached her, I could see her blossoming more and more in front of the camera. It's so important to have a photographer that can "coach" you through your posing. 

There's no greater joy for me than to watch the transformation of my "broken roses" and "closed buds". I love creating a place where they feel safe enough to bloom.

X Candace

Ready for the Beauty Breakdown?

Let's hop to it then #ModelMisfit Style.

I've been asked countless times to chat about learning the basics and am finally delivering just for you ;) 

It will be an ongoing series for beginners with respect to Beauty, Image and developing your personal style. 

Here's a quick recap of the 3 Tips for Testing your beauty Products:

1. Check your products in Daylight
(If you can, try checking them in other light sources too)

2. Test your products on your bare, product free face. Not your hand. 
( The skin on the eyes, face and hands are different. Test shadows on the eyes, Foundation on the face, etc)

3. Try different types of tools to double check.
(As a professional, there are certain types of products I only like to use with certain types of tools. Sponges, brushes, even using your hands can change the efficacy of a product. Before you decide that you hate something, try em' all out.)

Have any questions? Want to make a request? Want to send me a check? Jus kiddin' or am I? ;) Post em' below in the comments or on social media with the #modelmisfit! Who knows yours may be next up!


X Candace

An unexpected turn...

There's a LOT to be said about standing on your own. However, I'm not foolish enough to tell you to stand up for yourself AND stand completely alone. We need people to help us go forward and that's the heart of ModelMisfit. Creating a safe place for those that want to be embraced for being different while being challenged to grow. ;)

Believe it or not you NEED support. If you want to grow in your business and create DYNAMIC change, you need to connect to like minded individuals. 

My passion? Creative Communication & Connection.  That being said, here's a peek into my world of support through my latest interview with my Communications & Training Mentor, Mercy Rice!  


The Encore  Part 2 ;)


Doesn't matter who you're communicating with or where you're going,  embrace the unexpected turns and the people it brings along that "speak" to who you are.

X Candace



Behind the Beauty | OUTside the Box

For all my Glamorous girls this one's for you...

I love the way things come together in the beauty Hair & fashion industry. There's lots of blending and contrasting, things I just can't seem to get enough of. What I love the most though? Is watching things come together Behind the Scenes. I've gotten tons of questions about what I used so here it is, all laid out for you. 

Nars Sheer Glow Liquid Foundation in Cadiz
MAC Matchmaster Concealer in 6.0
Covergirl Queen Bronzer in Brown Bronze
Iman Luxury Powder in Earth Dark
Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Palettes
MAC Spite Lipglass
Iman lip liners Tan & Espresso
Iman Perfect Brow Pencil in Blackest brown
Ardell Demi Wispy Lashes
MAC Melba Blush

The simple way to build beauty OUTside the box? Stay true to you.

 X Candace

Whether you believe it or not... It's true.

I'm not here to convince you. 

Doesn't matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe... you have something to offer. This is not another self help post, I don't have the time or energy for that.

It's a Wake Up Call.

As sure as these stairs I'm sitting on you always have 2 choices... You can settle for what's given to you and do what you're told or... you can dare to live. Set. Apart. How about taking a chance on you and actually believing what it is that you deeply know about yourself. Not what you've been told or what you think, what you know... deep down in your innermost being.


Why won't I try to convince you? Because you don't need to be. Truth is for all people, all places and all times. Whether you believe it or not... you know the rest.


Whatever you're afraid of... Do it. Do it afraid and wear Red Lipstick. Be Bold & Make. Your. Mark.




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