Basics Behind Beauty Series | Skin Care Breakdown

Soooo... you know how it is with Skin care "gurus" that go out of their way to use any products that their home girl recommends without being sure of why... Ain't nobody got time for that. Round these parts we don't lay claim to results or random products that have no rhyme or reason. We get straight. to. the. point. We're how and why people. 

Here'S A recap from a Live feed on Periscope! covering a few of the the Basics behind Skincare:

Here's the details you need laid out in 3 simple steps:

Know your Skin Type:

- Dry
- Combination
- Oily
*Bonus type is DEHYDRATED SKIN. 

Have a DAILY Routine
- Does not matter how simple or complicated, you need a routine
- Maintaining your skin is daily and yes that includes your diet  

Always, always, always prep BEFORE you start your makeup.

As a professional makeup artist  I can attest to the need for prep. Nuff said.  It must be done. 

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