A sneak peek behind the scenes...

My Create & Capture Sessions are a great joy to plan and arrange for clients.

This one was no different because it was with a client, Kevonya, who has built a relationship with me over a pretty long amount of time. I've grown to love her inside and out. She's always so supportive, patient and is always serving others, especially the children at her local church.

It's hard to not love someone like that! She has even allowed me to practice beauty techniques without hesitation to help me become a better artist (for the record she is not a model, even though she looks like one) I'm so grateful for her. 

So of course I was very excited to shoot with her that day. It was right around the time Prince had passed last month and I was stumped for exactly what to create. I was in Walmart picking up random supplies with my family and stumbled on the most GORGEOUS Purple Flowers (Prince's fave color) and immediately knew I would use them in the shoot. The day she arrived was absolutely gorgeous and the it was perfect timing because for these shoots, I only use natural lighting in my studio. 

Here's some of the transformation and the photo results... 

The flowers were silk and yet look true to life... I made sure I hand picked what only looked real. Got them at Walmart and Michael's for less than 2 bucks each!


Believe it or not, she started out unsure of herself however as I coached her, I could see her blossoming more and more in front of the camera. It's so important to have a photographer that can "coach" you through your posing. 

There's no greater joy for me than to watch the transformation of my "broken roses" and "closed buds". I love creating a place where they feel safe enough to bloom.

X Candace