Ready for the Beauty Breakdown?

Let's hop to it then #ModelMisfit Style.

I've been asked countless times to chat about learning the basics and am finally delivering just for you ;) 

It will be an ongoing series for beginners with respect to Beauty, Image and developing your personal style. 

Here's a quick recap of the 3 Tips for Testing your beauty Products:

1. Check your products in Daylight
(If you can, try checking them in other light sources too)

2. Test your products on your bare, product free face. Not your hand. 
( The skin on the eyes, face and hands are different. Test shadows on the eyes, Foundation on the face, etc)

3. Try different types of tools to double check.
(As a professional, there are certain types of products I only like to use with certain types of tools. Sponges, brushes, even using your hands can change the efficacy of a product. Before you decide that you hate something, try em' all out.)

Have any questions? Want to make a request? Want to send me a check? Jus kiddin' or am I? ;) Post em' below in the comments or on social media with the #modelmisfit! Who knows yours may be next up!


X Candace