The Uninhibited Truth about being yourself...

People will never be comfortable with it and will EXPECT you to make them comfortable.

Thing is, what does that mean for you? Especially when the world is telling you CONSTANTLY to be yourself, don't be afraid, be true to who you are... how do you choose? You or them, them or you? (Cue that clock.. tick tock, tick tock)

The truth is, YOU have to make up your mind - long before anyone else has a chance to "influence" you. If you;re clear on that, you can go forward in confidence regardless of what anyone - no matter how close they are to you - has to say.

No one, will ever tell you that they're working quietly to make you into what they really want. Hell, some of the people doing it, don't even realize that they are... 

You however, know what that horrible weight feels like and because you know, you have an obligation to yourself. Not anyone one else...

Honor what you want, who you are and what you feel.

If you do not set up healthy boundaries for yourself,  no one will do it for you. You have to be responsible and take the initiative. 

You must teach people, relatives, clients how you want to be treated and then and only then will you discover who is truly for you. 

I am not for everyone and neither are you. That's something to celebrate.


Can't nobody do you like you can. 

X Candace