Beauty & The Beholder

When I was about 17 years old I stumbled on a gem of a book...

It was called The Beauty of Color and was written by the iconic supermodel Iman. I love books - like seriously man it's an obsession - I wasn't interested in makeup at the time but was so taken by the gorgeous work on the cover photo. I immediately bought it and began pouring through the pages...

Little did I know that I would keep the book with me all these years and now I understand why I kept it. I realized there was a message of substance hidden amongst all of the the incredible style.

Iman brought a plethora of beauties all different shapes, colors and sizes and declared that beauty was not something that can be boxed in or a described a single way. I believe the message spread throughout the book was the spark that helps me to declare the very same thing to all the women I come into contact with. 

Below is a video of me applying a lil highlight to a dear friend - who has become more of a little sister. She is in a great time of transition in life & business (just as you may be).

It was a joy to paint and work with her that day and the recording took me back to how much fun we had. I was reading through that book yet again this morning and once I came across the quote I immediately thought this would be perfect to post. The moment - like the beholder and the one being "beheld" lol... was beautiful.

So glad I could share it with you.